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Summer 2024 Student Charges/Fees & Payment Due Dates

  • If you begin the registration process from 3/25/24 - 5/17/24, your student charges/fees are due by May 17, 2024. Students may be dropped from classes if they do not have their fees paid or a summer financial aid award in place that covers all fees by May 17, 2024.
  • If you begin the registration process on or after 5/22/24, your student charges/fees are due by the end of add/drop period for the session (third day of class for the session). All students who begin the registration process on or after May 22, 2024 may be subject to a $25 late registration fee. 

Payment information is listed on the Payment Due Dates/Methods page. Summer Financial Aid information can be found on the Summer Financial Aid page.

The Summer Fee schedule includes Tuition Fees (per unit cost with caps), Mandatory Campus-Based Fees and Course Fees. In addition, Non-Resident Tuition Fees and/or Graduate Business Professional Fees will be charged as applicable.

UndergraduateTuition FeeCampus-based FeesTotal (Tuition + Campus-based Fees)
1 Unit$407$71$478
2 Units$814$71$885
3 Units$1,221$71$1,292
4 Units$1,628$71$1,699
5 Units$1,665$71$1,736
6 Units$1,665$71$1,736
7 Units$2,100$71$2,171
8 Units$2,400$71$2,471
9 Units$2,700$71$2,771
10+ Units$2,871$71$2,942


Post-baccalaureateTuition FeeCampus-based FeesTotal (Tuition + Campus-based Fees)
1 Unit$507$71$578
2 Units$1,014$71$1,085
3 Units$1,521$71$1,592
4 Units$2,028$71$2,099
5 Units$2,082$71$2,153
6 Units$2,082$71$2,153
7 Units$2,618$71$2,689
8 Units$2,992$71$3,063
9 Units$3,366$71$3,437
10+ Units$3,588$71$3,659


CredentialTuition FeeCampus-based FeesTotal (Tuition + Campus-based Fees)
1 Unit$470$71$541
2 Units$940$71$1,011
3 Units$1,410$71$1,481
4 Units$1,880$71$1,951
5 Units$1,932$71$2,003
6 Units$1,932$71$2,003
7 Units$2,422$71$2,493
8 Units$2,768$71$2,839
9 Units$3,114$71$3,185
10+ Units$3,330$71$3,401


Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE)Tuition FeeCampus-based FeesTotal (Tuition + Campus-based Fees)
1 Unit$611$71$682
2 Units$1,222$71$1,293
3 Units$1,833$71$1,904
4 Units$2,444$71$2,515
5 Units$2,498$71$2,569
6 Units$2,498$71$2,569
7 Units$3,150$71$3,221
8 Units$3,600$71$3,671
9 Units$4,050$71$4,121
10+ Units$4,307$71$4,378


Campus-based fees 
Associated Students Fee$8
Consolidated Services Fee$2
Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) Fee$4
Health Facilities Fee$2
Instructionally Related Activities Fee$17
Student Health Fee$10
Student Union Fee$28
Total Campus-based Fees$71

Additional Fees

  • Non-residential Tuition Fee (per unit): $396. (See the Determination of Residence for Nonresident Tuition Purposes for determination of residence for nonresident tuition purposes.)
  • Graduate Business Professional Fee (per unit): $270. Applied to required courses in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program.

Notes to Charges and Fees

The CSU makes every effort to keep student costs to a minimum. Fees listed in published schedules or student accounts may need to be increased when public funding is inadequate. Therefore, CSU must reserve the right, even after fees are initially charged or initial fee payments are made, to increase or modify any listed fees. All listed fees, other than mandatory systemwide fees, are subject to change without notice, until the date when instruction for a particular semester or quarter has begun. All CSU listed fees should be regarded as estimates that are subject to change upon approval by the Board of Trustees, the Chancellor, or the Presidents, as appropriate. Changes in mandatory systemwide fees will be made in accordance with the requirements of the Working Families Student Fee Transparency and Accountability Act (Sections 66028 - 66028.6 of the Education Code).

Other Student Charges and Fees (tentative)

List of other fees and charges
Type of FeeCost
Alcohol and Other Drug Intervention: Level I65
Alcohol and Other Drug Intervention: Level II65
Application Fee *70
Counseling Transcript Evaluation25 - 50
Credential Processing & Evaluation25
Credential Processing Non-SSU Applicants40
Credential Out of State Verification15
Credential Subject Matter Authorization Eval15
Dishonored Check or Credit Card Fee (returned for any cause)20
Failure to meet administratively required appointment or time limit20
Hlth Ctr/Pharmacy/Lab ServiceCost
Items lost or broken, or damage to the University propertyCost
Late Registration25
Lost Keys25
Modern Language Lab Fee10
Modern Language Prof. Exam50
Musical Equipment Deposit20
Musical Instru./Audio/Visual Eq.25
PE Lost EquipmentCost
PE Towel/Locker Use (optional)10
Studio Arts Cleaning and Safety Equipment Fee10

*This fee is payable upon application for admission or readmission by all new students or students returning after an absence of two or more semesters.

Deposits for locker keys and breakage required in some laboratory courses. These deposits are refundable in whole or part. If deposits are not required, charges may be made against the student for undue breakage or failure to clear locker and/or return key.

Specific Course Fees (tentative)

Payable when service is rendered. Students have the option of obtaining materials or services for specific courses from sources other than the university, so long as they meet the instructional requirements. The following are fees specific to the course you will be taking.

List of course fees
ARTS 10320
ARTS 10420
ARTS 20435
ARTS 210, 31092
ARTS 212, 31267
ARTS 220, 320, 42010
ARTS 229, 329, 42961
ARTS 230, 330, 43061
ARTS 236, 336, 43650
ARTS 24554
ARTS 298, 49825
ARTS 304, 40435
ARTS 30592
ARTS 335, 43568
ARTS 340, 44054
ARTS 342, 44285
ARTS 382, 48254
ARTS 43261
ARTS 45767
ARTS 45867
ARTS 496 (Field Trip)cost
BIOL 1105
BIOL 13015
BIOL 13115
BIOL 220120
BIOL 22410
BIOL 24025
BIOL 32255
BIOL 32370
BIOL 32515
BIOL 327140
BIOL 32845
BIOL 32910
BIOL 33015
BIOL 33330
BIOL 33565
BIOL 33815
BIOL 34025
BIOL 34240
BIOL 34430
BIOL 34720
BIOL 34915
BIOL 38325
BIOL 47225
BIOL 48030
CHEM 10225
CHEM 10525
CHEM 115 A/B25
CHEM 125 A/B25
CHEM 23225
CHEM 25525
CHEM 31660
CHEM 33660
CHEM 40160
CHEM 40260
CHEM 44160
COUN 511F45
GEOG 36010
GEOL 10212
GEOL 304175
GEOL 308195
GEOL 312185
GEOL 314125
GEOL 318175
GEOL 420195
GEP 312225 for 1 unit
320 for 2 units
GEP 44515
KIN 24210
LIBS 101/102150
LIBS 201/202150
NURS 301160
NURS 30325
NURS 50925
NURS 54925
NURS 550A25
NURS 550B25
POLS 345500
SCI 120A60
SCI 120B50
THAR 300 (Field Trip)120


Library Fees (tentative)

Overdue fees for reserve materials ($50 maximum fine per item):

  • $1 an hour

Overdue fees for media items ($50 maximum fine per item)

  • Laptops, phonography key, wireless card, headphones.....$1 an hour

Miscellaneous fees

  • Community Borrower Card.... $10/3 mo